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Haefely Trench

Haefely Test AG is a well-known and reliable single-source supplier of high voltage test systems. With the incorporation of the Tettex product line, Haefely Test AG has an excellent reputation based on an extensive range of high voltage test products. Customers support is guaranteed by a vast worldwide network of well trained and an experienced crew of service engineers!

In April, 1999, the operating companies of Trench Group, Haefely Trench in Austria, Canada,
France, Germany and Switzerland have changed their names from Haefely Trench to Trench in
order to simplify the business dealings. For this reason Haefely Trench AG has changed to
Trench Switzerland AG. The legal structure as well as the shareholder make-up remain

  Haefely Trench
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Phone: (+41) 61315 511
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