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AEMC Instruments 100.185

AEMC Instruments 100.185

AC Current Probe Model MN185 (100A, 1mA/A, Jack)

AEMC Instruments 1031.02

AEMC Instruments 1031.02

AC Current Probe Model MN103 (10A, 1mV/mA & 100A, 1mV/A, Lead)

AEMC Instruments 1031.17

AEMC Instruments 1031.17

AC Current Probe Model MN106 (150A, 1mA/A, Lead )

AEMC Instruments 1200.67

AEMC Instruments 1200.67

DC/AC MicroProbe Model K100 (4.5A, 1mV/mA)

AEMC Instruments 1200.68

AEMC Instruments 1200.68

AC/DC Current Probe Model MR411 (60A, 10mV/A & 600A, 1mV/A, Lead)

AEMC Instruments 1200.69

AEMC Instruments 1200.69

AC/DC Current Probe Model MR521 (150A, 10mV/A & 1500A, 1mV/A, Lead)

AEMC Instruments 1200.72

AEMC Instruments 1200.72

AC Current Probe Model MR461 (60A, 10mV/A & 600A, 1mV/A, BNC)

AEMC Instruments 1200.73

AEMC Instruments 1200.73

AC Current Probe Model MR561 (150A, 10mV/A & 1500A, 1mV/A, BNC)

AEMC Instruments 1201.36

AEMC Instruments 1201.36

AC Current Probe Model MD305 (600A, 1mA/A, Lead) HA*

AEMC Instruments 1201.37

AEMC Instruments 1201.37

AC Current Probe Model MD304 (600A, 10mA/A, Lead) HA*

AEMC Instruments 1201.45

AEMC Instruments 1201.45

AC/DC Current Probe Model SL206 (2A, 1mV/mA & 80A, 10mV/A, Lead)

AEMC Instruments 1201.51

AEMC Instruments 1201.51

AC/DC Current Probe Model SL261 (10A, 100mV/A & 100A, 10mV/A, BNC)

AEMC Instruments 1971.01

AEMC Instruments 1971.01

Artificial Neutral Model AN1

AEMC Instruments 2110.71

AEMC Instruments 2110.71

AC Current Probe Model MN114 (10A, 100mV/A, Lead)

AEMC Instruments 2110.80

AEMC Instruments 2110.80

AC Current Probe Model JM810A (2000A, 1mA/A, Lead)

AEMC Instruments 2110.83

AEMC Instruments 2110.83

AC Current Probe Model JM830A (3000A, .333mA/A, Lead) L**

AEMC Instruments 2110.87

AEMC Instruments 2110.87

AC Current Probe Model JM850A (1000A, 1mA/A; 2000A, .5mA/A & 3000A, .333mA/A, Jack) L**

AEMC Instruments 2110.88

AEMC Instruments 2110.88

AC Current Probe Model JM865A (1000A, 5mA/A; 2000A, 2.5mA/A & 3000A, 1.666mA/A, Jack)

AEMC Instruments 2110.89

AEMC Instruments 2110.89

AC Current Probe Model JM875 (30A, 100mV/A; 300A, 10mV/A & 2800A, 1mV/A, Jack)

AEMC Instruments 2110.90

AEMC Instruments 2110.90

AC Current Probe Model JM861 (30A, 10mV/A; 300A, 1mV/A & 3000A, 0.1mV/A, BNC)

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