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B&K Precision 570A

B&K Precision 570A

Linear IC Tester

B&K Precision 575A

B&K Precision 575A

Digital IC Tester

B&K Precision 810C

B&K Precision 810C

Compact Capacitance Meter to 20 mF

B&K Precision 815

B&K Precision 815

Component Tester

B&K Precision 875B

B&K Precision 875B

LCR Meter

B&K Precision 885

B&K Precision 885

Synthesized LCR/ESR Meter with SMD Probe

B&K Precision 886

B&K Precision 886

Synthesized In-Circuit LCR/ESR Meter w/100kHz Test Freq.

B&K Precision 889B

B&K Precision 889B

Bench LCR/ESR Meter with Component Tester

Extech Instruments Corp. 380193

Extech Instruments Corp. 380193


Fluke Amprobe LCR55A

Fluke Amprobe LCR55A


Instek America Corp. LCR-816

Instek America Corp. LCR-816

LCR Meter 100Hz-2kHz

Instek America Corp. LCR-817

Instek America Corp. LCR-817

LCR Meter 12Hz-10kHz

Instek America Corp. LCR-819

Instek America Corp. LCR-819

LCR Meter 12Hz-100kHz

Instek America Corp. LCR-821

Instek America Corp. LCR-821

LCR Meter 12Hz-200kHz

Keysight Technologies Inc. 4285A

Keysight Technologies Inc. 4285A

Precision LCR meter 75kHz to 30MHz

Keysight Technologies Inc. E4980A

Keysight Technologies Inc. E4980A

2 MHz Precision LCR Meter

Keysight Technologies Inc. E4982A

Keysight Technologies Inc. E4982A

LCR Meter

TEGAM Inc. 1750

TEGAM Inc. 1750

TEGAM Inc. 252

TEGAM Inc. 252

LCR Meter, 1 kHz

TEGAM Inc. 252-SP2596

TEGAM Inc. 252-SP2596

Battery Powered 252

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