Bird Electronic Corporation

Antenna Tester
Attenuator Controller
Attenuators Dry
Attenuators Dry Convection, Cooled 18 GHz
Broadcast Power Monitors Display
Cables Coaxial Assemblie
Cases Covers Pouches Straps for Test Equipment
Combiner Divider
Connectors And Adapter
Coolants Oils And Ethylene Glycol
Couplers Miniature Coaxial
Coupling Kits Rigid Line
Digital Power Meter
Elements 1-5/8 Inch Rigid Line
Elements 3-1/8 Inch Rigid Line
Elements 4-1/16 Inch Rigid Line
Elements 6-1/8 Inch Rigid Line
Elements Directional Coupler
Elements For QC And 7/8 Inch Rigid Line
Elements Non Directional Sampler
Elements for wattmeter
Launchers and Cable Connector
Line Sections Cable Type, QC And 7/8 Inch Line
Line Sections Misc
Load, Dry, Conduction-Cooled
Load, Dry, Convection Cooled
Load, Dry, Convection Cooled 18 GHZ
Load, Dry, Convection Cooled, Non Beo Unit
Load, Self-Contained System
Load, Water-Cooled
Manuals and users guides
Meters, 100 MA, 3000 OHM, For Rigid Line Section
Meters, 30 MA, 1400 OHM
Power Accessories Battery Packs AC Power Cords Fuses Cigarette Adapters
Power Sensors
Rackmounts Test Fixtures
Service Agreements and Warranties
Signal Sampler
Site Analyzer
Software for Data Capture and Analysis
Spectrum Signal FFT Analyzers
Temperature Measurement and Calibration
Terminating Power Sensor
To Be Determined
Wattmeters Sensors Loads Attenuators Filters

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