VXI Chassis Mainframes Backplanes

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Astronics Test Systems, Inc. 1261B-7U

Astronics Test Systems, Inc. 1261B-7U

High Performance VXIbus Mainframe (7U Bench Top)

Astronics Test Systems, Inc. 1261B-9U-W-EMS

Astronics Test Systems, Inc. 1261B-9U-W-EMS

Racal Instruments High Performance VXIbus Mainframe(9U Rack Mount) w/ EMS

Keysight Technologies Inc. E1401B

Keysight Technologies Inc. E1401B

13-slot C-size, VXI Mainframe with 650W Power Supply.

Keysight Technologies Inc. E1421B

Keysight Technologies Inc. E1421B

6-slot, C-size VXI mainframe Compact mainframe.

Keysight Technologies Inc. E8401A

Keysight Technologies Inc. E8401A

13-slot, C-size, VXI Mainframe with 550W Power Supply and basic monitoring.

Keysight Technologies Inc. E8403A

Keysight Technologies Inc. E8403A

13-slot, C-size, VXI Mainframe with 1000W Power Supply and basic monitoring.

Keysight Technologies Inc. E8404A

Keysight Technologies Inc. E8404A

13-slot C-size VXI Mainframe, 1000W PS, Enhanced monitor, color graphic display

Keysight Technologies Inc. E8408A

Keysight Technologies Inc. E8408A

4-slot, C-size VXI mainframe.

VTI Instruments CT-100C

VTI Instruments CT-100C

6-slot VXIbus Mainframe

VTI Instruments CT-400

VTI Instruments CT-400

Modular 13-slot VXIbus Mainframe

VTI Instruments VM9000

VTI Instruments VM9000

VMIP Base Unit (holds three instruments)