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Anritsu 10580-00289

Anritsu 10580-00289

VNA Master Vector Network Analyzer Measurement Guide (For MS202XC and MS20XXB Models)

Anritsu 5610-361-UTA

Anritsu 5610-361-UTA

** UTA V.1 module requires hardware upgrade (see ref 5610-299-UTA)

Anritsu MA2411B

Anritsu MA2411B

Pulse Power Sensor; 300 MHz TO 40 GHz. Note: Compatible with ML248XA/8XB/9XA models only. ML248XA/XB models require Option 15; 1 GHz Calibrator.. Supplied with 1 year warranty coverage.

Anritsu MW9077A

Anritsu MW9077A


Anritsu MW9077A1

Anritsu MW9077A1

OTDR MODULE. Supplied with 1 year warranty coverage.

Anritsu MW9077A2

Anritsu MW9077A2


EXFO America Inc. AXS-110-12CD-23B-XX-XX

EXFO America Inc. AXS-110-12CD-23B-XX-XX

All Fiber MM/SM OTDR Port 1: 850/1300 nm, 24/25 dB (50/125 & 62.5/125 µm) Port 2: 1310/1550 nm 32/30 dB (9/125 µm)

EXFO America Inc. AXS-110-12CD-XX

EXFO America Inc. AXS-110-12CD-XX

All Fiber MM OTDR 850/1300 nm, 24/25 dB