Bird Technologies 4522-002-5 technical specifications

Bird Technologies 4522-002-5
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** Options, accessories, ANSI-Z540 certificate can be added.
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4522-002-5 General Information
 4522-002-5 GSA contract product
Product Description:
Line Sect,Thruline/A
GSA Special Identification Number(SIN): 627-27
Federal Supply Code (FSC): 66
GSA Contract Number: GS-24F-0066M
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4522-002-5 Warranty/Calibration
Warranty: 1 Year
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4522-002-5 Shipping Information
FOB Point: Destination
Packaging: Best standard commercial practice
Shipping Method: Ground
4522-002-5 Country of origin

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19 Oct 2014 2114 Pacific Time
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